Greetings from the Publisher, Summer 2015



Welcome to the Summer 2015 edition of Metroscape!

At the Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies, we are eagerly awaiting the opening of TriMet’s Orange Line on September 12th. In preparation, Ben Maras describes how residents of Milwaukee feel about the new line that will surely bring change to this city just over 20,000.

Milwaukee isn’t the only place experiencing demographic change. In this issue’s Atlas, Meg Merrick explains an important tool for understanding demographics—the population pyramid. She then uses this tool to describe demographic trends in Portland and Beaverton’s neighborhoods.

This issue’s Landscape offers observations about racial disparities in the Portland metropolitan region. Liza Morehead uses data from Greater Portland Pulse to point to educational and economic disparities as well as the disproportionate involvement of racial and ethnic minorities in the region’s criminal justice system.

This spring we sat down with our new boss—Dean of the College of Urban and Public Affairs, Stephen Percy—to ask about how he’s settling in to his new home and to hear about his vision for the future of our college and its influence on the region’s future.

Want to take an adventure this summer but don’t have a car? Linn Davis travels to some of the far reaches of the region accessible by public transit. So grab your Metroscape, kick back, look at our beautiful landscape, and see how far you can actually get without buying gas or worrying about parking.

We hope you enjoy the long, hot days of summer and this season’s Metroscape. We always look forward to your feedback, so tell us what you think!

Sheila Martin

Director, Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies