Greetings from the Publisher, Winter 2011

Craig Wollner
Craig Wollner

Regular readers of Metroscape® are used to opening the front cover and reading the “Greetings from the Editor.” In this space, Craig Wollner would describe the vision behind the issue, how it was conceived and birthed, and how the pieces fit together. Since Metroscape’s first edition in 1992, Craig Wollner has played a pivotal role in the publication as editor, writer, executive editor, and general visionary.

With Craig’s death in November, this is the first issue of Metroscape® published without his careful attention to every detail from initial planning to printing and mailing. Nevertheless, before his death, as he had with every other issue of Metroscape®, Craig guided the the themes and content for this issue.

It is worth noting that this first issue of Metroscape® published after Craig’s passing is also our first electronic issue. As Craig pointed out in the Winter 2010 issue, the decision to discontinue printing the publication was difficult, but ultimately Craig welcomed the challenge, and got the Metroscape® team excited about the possibilities that the online format offers.

This issue presents a number of articles that reflect changes in the demographic and political structure of our region. With Census 2010 past us, we examine reapportionment and redistricting impacts on the region’s political representation. We also trace the history of immigration to the Portland region and how it has affected both the people who choose to move here and the region they call home. We examine changes in how the U.S. Census collects and publishes population and socioeconomic data for our region, and the implications for our understanding of changing demographics. In the Indicators piece, Charles Rynerson shows our participation rate in the 2010 Census. Michael Burnham’s interview with Phil Keisling, Oregon’s former Secretary of State, provides an insightful look into current politics. The landscape considers Skamania County, the smallest and most recent addition to the Portland Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Losing Craig has encouraged us to reflect on the vision described in the first issue of Metroscape®. The founders, including Craig, aimed to acquaint the residents of the Portland metropolitan area with their region… “ how it works, and where we’re headed. It’s about places, about history, about heroes.” Over the years, Craig’s careful guidance has brought us stories of our region and its heroes, be they elected officials, urban planners, nonprofit directors, entrepreneurs, teachers, health givers, farmers, cops, artists, or anyone who strives to make this community a better place for all. Although Craig would have protested our putting him in their company, his contributions to Metroscape® made him a hero to us.

Sheila Martin
Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies