Greetings From the Publisher, Winter 2012


Welcome to the Winter 2012 issue of Metroscape! This issue offers a glimpse into the future of our region.

The story by Chad Deitchley on the future of Hayden Island draws out the tensions between competing views of the island’s future. The Columbia River Crossing project will leave a huge mark on the island. The island’s residents and businesses, as well as those who cross the island via the bridge, have a stake in the bridge’s ultimate design. The competing interests in the future of the island are reflected, in part, by the fact that the island is designated as both “regionally significant industrial land” and “regionally significant conservation area.”

Our cover story describes the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project, otherwise known as the Orange Line. Merry MacKinnon describes how the line will alter the landscape and affect those living and working adjacent to it.

This issue’s Atlas examines the age friendliness of our cities and poses a number of questions about how our region will respond to the aging of the baby boom generation. It examines how various local, regional, and statewide planning efforts might work together to assure that our communities are vibrant places for those of all ages and abilities.

The interview with Angus Duncan addresses the uncertainty regarding how our region will be different as a result of climate change. While we don’t know exactly how climate change will affect our landscape, our economy, or our population, we can take charge of how we prepare for the possibilities.

As we ponder questions about the region’s future, it is comforting to know that after 77 years, the Verboort Sausage and Kraut Dinner is still served every November. Perhaps after a long week of worrying about how we build an inclusive, prosperous, and sustainable future, we can still wait in line in the rain for a dinner of sausage and kraut.


Sheila Martin
Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies