Greetings from the Publisher, Winter 2015



As we consider the challenges and opportunities of the new year, we offer this edition of Metroscape as a celebration of a few of our region’s greatest assets and our opportunities to shape the future of the region in a collaborative fashion.

In this issue’s landscape, Linn Davis describes the history of Carnegie libraries in our region, with a focus on the Oregon City’s Carnegie Library.  After a 15-year gap in its use as a library, supporters have given the building new life by financing a restoration and addition that will allow the growing library to continue to operate in the beloved historic building.

Our lead article investigates an intriguing public-private collaboration—the Willamette Falls Legacy Project. The historic Willamette Falls was most recently the site of a now bankrupt paper mill. The historical, cultural, and natural asset has captured the imaginations of planners, developers, and the public, who have weighed in with their aspirations for the site. Andre Tremolet tells the story of how these aspirations will be embodied in the project.

Our interview with retiring Fairview Mayor Mike Weatherby offers observations of how this town on the east side of Multnomah County has become an example of the benefits of collaboration.

The Atlas takes a look the results of the November 2014 elections. Carolyn Long of Washington State University in Vancouver and Richard Clucas of Portland State help us to understand voting patterns across our landscape.

Many of you will be intrigued by the results of a recent survey of residents of Southwest Washington that explores values, beliefs, and attitudes about government.  Carolyn Long and I examine how these results compare with those of the Oregon side of the metropolitan region and what these results mean for our ability to work together.

I’m happy to share the front page today with Stephen Percy, who recently joined Portland State as the Dean of the College of Urban and Public Affairs.  Steve has quickly become a key supporter of IMS and a fan of Metroscape.

We hope you enjoy the winter issue, and look forward to your feedback. Tell us what you think!

Sheila Martin

Director, Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies