Indicators: CUPA’s Reach


The footprint of Portland State University’s College of Urban and Public Affairs (CUPA), since its founding, has reached far beyond the Pacific Northwest to the nation and the world. As its programs and reputation developed, the number of yearly graduates grew from two in 1972, when Dr. Toulan became dean, to a high of 695 in 2012. CUPA graduates live and work in all 50 states and 24 nations outside of the U.S. Out of a total of 8,727 graduates between 1972 and 2013, nearly half (48 percent) obtained Master of Public Administration degrees, 19 percent obtained Master of Urban and Regional Planning degrees, 15 percent graduated with Master of Public Health degrees, and 8 percent achieved doctoral degrees. The remaining 10 percent are divided among Master of Urban Studies and Master of Science degrees, and graduate certificates.