Indicators: Urban Coyotes


Coyotes are an increasingly common sight in cities across the Portland region. Since 2010, more than 8,000 coyote sightings have been reported to the Portland Urban Coyote Project. As coyote sightings increase, this group of researchers at PSU is working to better understand the relationship between humans and coyotes. Founded in 2010, the Urban Coyote Project is a partnership between the Portland State University Geography Department and the Audubon Society of Portland. The project trains citizen scientists to report coyote signings in the Portland metropolitan region. Coyotes are increasingly coming into the densest urban areas. Between 2014 and 2018, nine coyote sightings were reported within the I405 loop. Four of the sightings were during the day, including two within seven blocks of Portland City Hall. An increase in sightings reflects both an increase in the number of coyotes venturing into the city and an increase in awareness of the coyote project. As more people learn about the project, they are more likely to report sightings when they occur. To learn more about the project and see a point level map of coyote sightings, visit