Sidebar: Who’s Who


The Public Partners

Oregon City

  • Led land-use master plan and rezoning of the site
  • Approved $100,000 investment annually for 10 years
  • Identified one-time capital investment for Riverwalk improvements

Clackamas County

  • Contributed $100,000 to land-use master plan and federal lobbying efforts


  • Led site due-diligence efforts
  • Contributed more than $450,000 to fund environmental assessments, survey, appraisal, title research, structural investigations, and historical analyses
  • Contributed $400,000 to land-use master plan

State of Oregon

  • Contributed $5 million in state lottery funds for Riverwalk development, contingent upon the availability of funds from other sources to complete its design and construction
  • Provided a $65,000 brownfield grant for an environmental assessment
  • Provided photo documentation and consultation on historic elements
  • Designated project as a “Regional Priority” to receive support from state agencies

Property Owners

Falls Legacy, LLC: George Heidgerken, principal

  • Purchased 22-acre site from bankruptcy trustee in May 2014
  • Dedicated a 120-foot-wide waterfront easement for the Riverwalk in December 2014
  • Committed to pay 20 percent of the design and preliminary engineering expenses for Riverwalk—approximately $900,000
  • Committed to pay at least 20 percent of the future maintenance and operation expenses of the Riverwalk in perpetuity

Portland General Electric

  • Owns one of the nation’s oldest currently operating hydroelectric facilities at the site
  • In December 2014, dedicated an easement that provides a public right-of-way across the dam, offering an electrifying view of the falls

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

  • Owns Willamette Falls Locks, constructed in 1872 by a private company
  • Closed locks in 2011 due to safety concerns
  • Consulting with community on the future of the locks, per the requirements of the National Historic Preservation Act