Sidebar: Tree Inventories


Trained Volunteers measure and assess trees for the City of Portland’s Tree Inventory Project.

A tree inventory is kind of like a census for trees. It is a way to count and catalog our trees and attributes about the trees like their health, species diversity, age, and size. A city might conduct a tree inventory for a number of reasons, such as determining tree maintenance needs, accessing citywide vulnerability to pests and pathogens, or to make a long range plan for the future of the community’s trees.

Tree inventories are often used by cities when they write comprehensive plans or devise new policy like tree codes, and, like many community forestry efforts, tree inventories are often volunteer driven. In 2016, the city of Portland wrapped up their citywide inventory of street trees. The Portland Tree Inventory Project started as a pilot neighborhood street tree inventory in 2010, and grew to a citywide effort, partnering with Urban Forestry to inventory 218,000 street trees.